How To Choose Your Career (In 5 Simple Steps)


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J.T. O'Donnell
Founder & CEO

Christina Burgio
Director of Training & Coaching

With 20+ years of career coaching experience, Work It DAILY's team's expertise has been cited in:

You are NOT the problem.
1000s of people (just like you!) feel professionally STUCK because school NEVER taught us what CAREER best suits our needs.

  • Are you TRAPPED in a job you hate? Do you go to work each day feeling helpless and depressed?
  • Are you STRUGGLING to find a career that excites you? Is it as if no job seems like it would make you happy?
  • Are you looking for a change but UNSURE of what you want? Feeling confused by which career would work best for you?
  • Are you CONFUSED by job descriptions? Does reading them online make your head spin?

In this workshop, we'll break down step-by-step how to choose a career that suits your unique combination of professional strengths. It's time to (finally!) learn how to find a job you LOVE!

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