Employer Branding Services

"If your company isn't getting showcased for it's success, then top talent will assume you aren't as good as you say you are. "

- J.T. O'Donnell | Founder & CEO, Work It Daily


We want to help your business tell its story!

According to LinkedIn's 2020 Talent Trends survey, 94% of recruitment professionals are focusing on employee experience to maintain and recruit talent. Job seekers want to know what it's like to work at a company and how the company relates to its employees!

Storytelling through your company's employer branding efforts is how you communicate to the oustide world what the employee experience is like at your company.

This is especially important as the workforce gets younger. Of the professionals surveyed by LinkedIn, 40% of them say they focus on employer experience to meet the expectations of millennials and Gen. Z. 

What Is Employee Experience?

It's a little bit of everything!

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Company misson and job requrements
  • Employee training and growth opportunities
  • Company culture
  • Management structure
  • Flexibility and focus on work-life balance

Having a good website and strong social media presence to communicate all of this is only part of the equation! Job seekers want to collect as much information about a company as possible. When they enter your company into a search engine, multiple third-party articles should also pop up.

Here's Where Work It Daily Comes In...

Give your employer branding efforts a boost with an article (or 2) from Work It Daily that is SEO optimized, will rank high on Google and come up quickly whenever someone searches your company. 

As the #1 online career growth club, Work It Daily gets over 1 million site visits per month from job seekers and professionals looking for their next career opportunity.

Employer Brand Articles

Your company, your story!

Work It Daily will help you craft the story you want to tell.

Here are some examples of articles we can craft for your company:

  • A general story about your company and its history
  • A story recognizing a company anniversary or milestone
  • Highlighting open job opportunities at the company
  • Targeted story about a department within the company
  • Employee spotlights or features
  • "5 Things About Working At..." features
  • A story recognizing company philanthropic effots

Work It Daily can work with you on these ideas and more!

To get started simply fill out the form below and our Employer Brand Content Team will be in touch.