Alumni Services:

The New Outplacement

"Outplacement" is outdated.

Your company deserves to use an updated approach to outplacement services.


Workplace CHANGE Can Be Difficult

Can you relate to any of the following?:

  • Don't know how to confidentially inquire about outplacement for laid-off staff
  • Don't know how to get the team past negative events (ie., COVID-19, return to work, etc.)
  • Don't have money for expensive programs
  • Want to give your employees support to improve their mental and physical health
  • Help strengthen team spirit and collaboration
  • Give employees the peace of mind to move forward in a positive way

If yes, Work It Daily's Alumni Services can be the solution

you've been looking for!

Why Work It Daily?

Hi, I'm J.T.,

20+ years ago, I left a successful career in the staffing & recruiting industry. I know the ins and outs of workplace change for companies large and small. My direct experience with restructuring challenges allows me to help you navigate these difficult times while keeping your company's dignity and confidence. We both know traditional outplacement services are outdated. It's time to treat your laid-off employees like what they really are: alumni of your company.

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